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Seeing The World From A Different View

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The Project Reunite service was created by Love 2 Fly to bring hope to animals and their owners in Western North Carolina and beyond. Our mission is to provide animal search and find services and reunite lost pets with their families using state of the art drone technologies.  MORE...

I've Lost My Pet, When Should I Reach Out To Love 2 Fly-Drone Works?

The first hours, days are critical. The earlier we can get up in the air to search, the higher the odds we can pinpoint the pet's location. We understand that it's human nature to want to perform your own searches first before contacting or hiring others to help however, those search efforts can be done in parallel with our services to locate the pet. As days and weeks go by after the pet is lost or after there have been sightings, the odds of pinpointing the pet's location can decrease. It can become a needle in a haystack situation. Before we undertake any search, we will go through some extensive questioning to understand the situation and animal behavior to help increase the chances of success.


The specific applications for aerial imaging are seemingly endless - from real estate promotion and advertising, to marketing imagery for new products and services, to aerial surveying and mapping. Maybe simply capturing those incredible views that will last a lifetime.  MORE...

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What Industries Do We Work In?

The applications for drone imaging can be extensive. Industries that can benefit from drone imaging are:


 * Residential Real Estate

 * Commercial Real Estate

 * Event Facilities

 * Wineries and Vineyards

 * Insurance Adjusters and Inspectors

 * Chambers of Commerce

 * TV and Film Commissions


    ...and many more



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