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The popularity of sUAS (small unmanned aerial vehicles), or drones, has grown in recent years as the cost has become more affordable and the applications and use cases for drones have also grown exponentially and are limitless. The reality is that technology, sUAS included, should, at it's core, improve our lives and allow us to achieve what we never thought possible. Drones are now allowing us to experience the world like we never have before - essentially "Seeing The World From A Different View."


Are you wanting to record a special event for posterity -  Capture that perfect moment? -  Are you a real estate professional who wants to showcase a property using incredible video and photography? Or are you a small professional business looking to use drone technology to improve the efficiency of your business and set your company apart from the competition? Or are you a first responder organization needing critical, real time data during disaster response and search and rescue operations?

Love 2 Fly Drone Works is able to capture the content and data that you need, professionally and in stunning detail and deliver that content using state of the art tools and software.

OUR TEAM (So Far...)

Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

Tim is the main pilot and technologist for Love 2 Fly.Tim's vision from the very start - use drone technology to enhance the experiences life has to offer - is at the core of why we do what we do. Life is meant to be fun, otherwise, why are we here?


Tullamore "Tully" Dude

As the newest member of the Love 2 Fly team, Tully brings an energy to life that only a 1 year old can do. 0-60 in 1 second is his motto, he loves life, makes us laugh every day, and is the true epitome of "Life is meant to be enjoyed."

Gwen Ryan

Gwen Ryan

Gwen is a co-pilot and the inspiration behind Love 2 Fly. With a unique ability to bring joy and happiness into the lives of everyone she meets, Gwen helps to spread the true vision of Love 2 Fly - Be Happy, Enjoy Life!

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae (In Memorium)

Maggie was more than the senior company advisor, she was the perfect example of not taking life too seriously. Most days she could be found conserving her energy on one of the several beds throughout the house/office, biding her time for the more important things in life. We'll miss you sweet girl. Maggie lives on as the name of our Thermal drone we use to search for lost animals; she will always help us bring them home.

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