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When we started Love 2 Fly our goal was to really see the world from a different view and have fun doing it. We also felt a desire to find a way to give back to those around us. With the launch of Project Reunite, we are able to give hope to pet owners that have lost pets and animals by using Thermal Imaging drones. Our services are used in coordination with many Animal Rescue groups that perform ground searches for the lost pets. Many of these organizations are volunteer run, they are non profit and they survive entirely on donations. We want to help them so we will be donating $ 5.00 from every product ordered from our store.

We have chosen several organizations that we have worked with that we feel could benefit. We will equally divide the amount taken in on a monthly basis and make the contributions to the organizations below. To donate directly and to check out what they are all about, please click on the individual logos below.

Thank you so much for your interest and stay tuned for more and different products.

I Seek-K9 Search and Rescue
Anakin's Trails
Foothills Humane Society
Black River Search and Rescue

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