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Timing Is Everything

I have always been a happy girl; I mean, with a license plate that says “joyseeker”, how can I not be. My life has been good, a few bumps maybe, but nothing that lasted too long and certainly nothing I remember.


I was a caretaker for my eternally optimistic Dad during his last couple of years of life. After he passed away in February of 2021, and it was time to move on, I started having thoughts of dating and possibly finding someone to love, have fun and just enjoy life. As fate would have it, Tim Ryan re-entered my life. I had known Tim from quite a few years back, but we had lost touch. It turns out that I had moved into a house close by to Tim and reconnected while walking our dogs. We would have good conversations, but I never thought more of it than a casual friendship. Before my Dad passed away, I was certainly not interested in dating, but now that Dad was gone, and with new thoughts dancing in my head, out of the blue, Tim asked me if I wanted to have dinner sometime. I guess timing is everything.

We went on our first “date” in March however I was travelling a lot in my RV (Enjoying Life!) so we would get together occasionally when we had the time. But… there was an undeniable connection and our feelings for each other grew stronger each time (for the most part) And then… well it’s the age old story – Boy Meets Girl, Boy Dates Girl, Boy Marries Girl.


(I’m getting to the drone part, I promise)


Tim was involved with Large Animal Emergency Rescue, and his team was looking to add drones to their service offerings for search and rescue operations. As it turned out, his training class to prepare for the Part 107 drone certification was scheduled for one week before our wedding. I wanted to take the class too, simply because it sounded like fun. So we took the class on Saturday/Sunday, passed the FAA Part 107 test the following day on Monday and got married 5 days later. Wow that was a busy week.

Tim is amazing at all thing tech and his passion for drones has really opened his creativity as well. I love meeting people and the great outdoors (I’m training Tim to love it as well). Our new business venture, Love 2 Fly, combines all of these things beautifully. Our flying cameras capture some amazing perspectives of the world around us, and our days are filled with exploring new places, taking great hikes and spending time together with our dog Tully (a 2-year-old Lab mix maniac). Our tagline is “seeing the world from a different view.” It really is an amazing planet we live on, filled with beautiful and interesting places and people. And now, our second chapter and new adventure has begun.

Thank you for taking a minute to read my short story and until next time – have fun, get outside, and choose love – basically follow your dog’s lead.

I love all of you, Gwen

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