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What's In A Name

Have you ever thought about the fact that we seem to put names to pretty much anything that moves? Cars/trucks, boats, planes. Even things that don’t move, do you remember Caddyshack? Judge Smails called his putter Billy Baroo. Or Roy Hobbs in The Natural, he called his bat Wonderboy and when Bobby Savoy brought Roy his bat, the “Savoy Special” when Roy broke Wonderboy.

What is our fascination with giving names to things? Maybe it’s because we want to give them value or connect with them on a deeper, more personal level. Maybe it’s just fun. I’ve had several different vehicles in my life but never named any of them until I got a pickup truck. Don’t ask me why but once I got my first real pickup truck, I felt this strong urge to give her a name. Yes that’s right, I said her. My first truck was named Daisy, sweet looking but hiding a beast inside - a black Chevy 3500 dually. While I had Daisy, I got Bertha. Bertha was 1997 Ford F350 dually (I still have a photo of her on my bulletin board) She had tremendous power for very short periods of time, she got less than 5 miles to gallon and she played down in the dirt (sorry if I’m offending any Berthas in the crowd) I loved that truck, gave it my brother in law because he needed a vehicle, and he sold it. Still pissed about that. But I digress.

So, what does this have to do with drones? In technology, it is a common practice to name devices. All of our computers have names, usually something boring that includes the serial or model number. Servers in datacenters needs names as well to help organize and identify them for access and management. Why not name your drones as well? It accomplishes the same thing, helping to identify which drone you want to or are using. When Gwen and I started to get involved with aerial photography and videography, we knew the ultimate goal was to have fun so it became apparent that we needed to give our drones names, and not just any names. We decided to name them after female country music singers, LOL.

First we have the Autel Evo II Pro. Her name is Dolly Parton because she is big and busty and can deliver great results all the time. Next is Tanya Tucker, she is our Autel Nano+. She may be a bit smaller in stature (she still gives the actual Dolly a run for her money in some ways) but she’s a scrapper, and always able to pull out a great performance at any time and looks great doing it. Our 3rd drone is the newest to the family, a DJI Air 3. Her name…Reba McIntyre. Reba is well rounded, able to do so much and do it well. She’s versatile and able to adapt to changing conditions and continue to perform at the highest level, a real classic. We even named our newest laptop, an Apple Macbook M3 Pro. What is her name? Jolene! Why? Because she’s a perfect beauty and will steal your heart.

I know this may seem silly to some folks but as I’ve said, Love 2 Fly is about having fun. Plus I get to say things like, WWDD or What Would Dolly Do? When deciding on my next shot.

Until next time, Fly Safe and Have Fun!

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